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Your brand in front of engaged marketers.

Our listeners are savvy small-team marketers, mostly between the ages 24-44, 54% women, primarily in the US.  We are committed to finding advertising partners who can bring value to the lives (and work) of 2 Pizza Marketers.

Do you have a product that helps marketers stay calm, cool, and collected?

Small-team marketers wear many hats. It's why we talk about our marketing challenges (messes) on the podcast. If your product helps calm the worries, or create happier marketers... we'd love to hear about it.


Do you have a product that helps small-team marketers get the job done well?

Our goal is to empower small-team marketers with tactical, tangible advice—and great tools and solutions are always a part of the discussion. Want to get yours in front of our audience?

Let's partner together!

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