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marketing can be a hot mess.

If you’re working on a small team to create success, learn from failure, and stay sane… This show is for you.  


The stories you'll hear are candid, relatable, and packed with ideas to inspire anyone wading through the mess of marketing at an early-stage company.

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Who Are 2 Pizza Marketers?

Some guy who founded Amazon once said the most agile and effective teams are the ones who need fewer than two pizzas for a team meeting. Sound familiar?

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Team Members

 Small-team marketers are writers, editors, planners, creators, designers, analysts, and doers. You excel at getting things done… no matter the challenge. 

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Building the plane as you fly it? Whether a CMO, VP, or Head Of… you’re setting strategy, meeting with the board, and managing a mix of teams and channels. 

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Sometimes the responsibility of marketing falls to a CEO or Product Leader. It’s cool. 2 Pizza Marketing can help you navigate the mess

with style. 

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The Hosts

Hosts Melissa Moody and Ashley McGovern love the mess of growth-stage startups and are passionate about doing big things with small teams. Melissa left the world of big tech to lead as Founder and CMO. Ashley’s an experienced B2B Marketing Coordinator, Specialist, and Senior Manager. Both women enjoy talking weekly with guests about the marvelous mess of small-team marketing as well as sharing their own insights on short Pizza Bite episodes. 

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The Guests

CMOs, Content Managers, and Demand Gen experts. Our guests are practitioners and leaders working on challenges and opportunities that probably feel familiar to you. Every week, our guests share their favorite ‘marketing mess’ story — webinar mishaps, email snafus, website debacles. Plus, you’ll hear about the scrappy tactics and creative solutions they use to find success.


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